Industrial Container Services, LLC, Acquires Dayton Industrial Drum, Inc.

Maitland, FL — Industrial Container Services, LLC (ICS) of Maitland, FL announced today that it has acquired the steel drum reconditioning and container distribution business of Dayton Industrial Drum, Inc., of Dayton, OH. The acquisition includes all of the machinery, equipment and inventory utilized at the facility, which will be used at various ICS locations while the business itself will be managed by Questar Solutions, LLC, an existing operating entity of Industrial Container Services, LLC.
“While Questar has grown organically and by expanding into new geographies, the Dayton Industrial Drum purchase marks the first acquisition-based expansion of our Questar business unit,” said Mr. Charles Veniez, President and CEO of ICS. “The integration of Dayton’s capabilities into the existing Questar and ICS infrastructure brings opportunity for their customers and ours, our suppliers, and our shareholders.
We are pleased that the Hussong family chose ICS as their exit-strategy partner as they move on to the next phase of their lives. We wish them the best and congratulate them on a job well done for over 40 years.”
“On behalf of Dayton Industrial Drum, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued support and loyalty,” said Kylene Hussong. “It has been an honor for us to carry on the family business for the past 45 years. My grandfather, William J. Hussong, would have been very proud of what we have accomplished. The sale to ICS assures our customers will continue to receive the quality of products and customer service which they have come to expect from Dayton Industrial Drum.”
ICS is the largest provider of reusable container solutions in North America. Through multiple brands, ICS operates over 50 strategically located facilities in 21 U.S. states and 6 Canadian provinces. ICS is well-positioned to service local, regional and North American customers alike, and strives to be the supplier of choice for high-quality, environmentally-responsible container solutions. ICS offers unparalleled expertise with over 100 years of experience in the industrial container space and is focused on anticipating customer needs and exceeding expectations. The company offers the most complete container management systems available including reconditioning, manufacturing, distribution, used container collection and recycling services for all major industrial packages.
For additional information contact: Industrial Container Services, LLC Mr. Kurt Richardson, Chief Marketing Officer Phone: 407-930-4182