Paint & Coating Information

Exterior Coatings

The outside of a steel drum can be painted in almost any color you can think of.  However, before you go for that beautiful chartreuse finish, you might want to think about the cost.  While we aren’t quite as curmudgeonly as Henry Ford with his Model T roadster, the man had a point.  When thinking about the color and appearance of your package, please keep the following in mind:

  • Black is almost always the lowest-cost option
  • The brighter (or more unusual) the color the more expensive the paint is going to be
  • Finishes can range from flat to glossy, and depend not only on the paint itself, but on the quality of the substrate being covered
  • New drums will almost always have a smoother and glossier finish than reconditioned drums
  • We can also customize your drums by silk-screening your company’s logo on the top or sidewall of the container.

Interior Coatings

Steel drums are extremely versatile and capable of carrying many different types of products safely.  However,  as some products may negatively react with steel, a protective coating may be required on the inside of the drum.  Interior coatings come in several colors, can be FDA and Kosher compliant, and generally fall into three categories:

  • Rust Inhibitors- Are good for prolonging the shelf-life of drums.  Note that these are “inhibitors” – not “preventatives.”  Even steel with a rust inhibitor will rust over time under the right conditions.  If you absolutely cannot risk rust in your container, then you may want to consider a phenolic or epoxy/phenolic lining.
  • Epoxy/phenolic Linings- Are the most commonly-used lining in the industry.  Epoxy/phenolics are flexible and good for a wide range of applications
  • Modified Phenolic Linings- Are less flexible than epoxy/phenolics, but better for products with a low PH

The choice of whether or not to use an interior lining, or which lining to use, is an important decision.  While we here at ICS are good at a lot of things, we are not experts with regards to your products.  Therefore, we cannot make specific recommendations with regards to what coating you should or should not use on your drums.  What we can do is connect you with one of our industry-leading lining suppliers.  They can walk you through the selection process, which includes product compatibility testing to insure you choose the right lining for your application.

Need more help?  Give us a call or click here to contact an ICS professional.