Product Types

Vendor-Managed Inventory Services

Short on time? Short on space? Short on people? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, ICS has got your back. We provide a wide variety of value-added services that can save your company time and money, and help keep your headcount to a minimum. From a simple consignment inventory arrangement to ICS professionals on your site loading trailers, prepping containers for the filling line, palletizing and everything in between, ICS has a solution to fit your needs and budget.

Transportation Services

ICS has the largest fleet of tractors and trailers in North America dedicated solely to container delivery and removal. With over 150 tractors and 8,000 trailers, we have the resources necessary to provide the level of service you deserve. Need drop trailers? No problem. Live-load or unload? No problem. Can’t fit a standard-size trailer into your dock? No problem. If you need a customized transportation solution, ICS has the trailers, the people and the commitment to make it happen.

Responsible Container Management

ICS is dedicated to the responsible management of industrial containers throughout their entire lifecycle. As the unquestioned leader in container reconditioning, recycling and disposal in North America, we are privileged to help our customers protect the environment and conserve resources through reconditioning and recycling programs designed to meet almost any need. Reuse is always the best option, but when that is no longer feasible, we’ll help you safely and responsibly dispose of your used containers. Click here to see how we are doing!

Closed-loop Reconditioning Services

In some cases, it can be very cost effective or desirable to reuse your own containers in a “closed-loop” program. Your ICS professional can help you determine if a closed-loop program is for you. We can help you through the entire closed-loop cycle: sourcing the right container for your needs, filling your pipeline, collecting and reconditioning the used containers then returning them to you for reuse. Sound interesting? Give us a call!

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