Steel Drums

Steel drums are available in both closed head and open head styles, reconditioned or newly-manufactured, and in many different sizes and colors. Whether unlined or with an FDA-approved interior lining, steel drums provide an efficient packaging solution for a multitude of products including foodstuffs, oils and solvents, chemicals, inks, coatings, adhesives and much more.

Steel drums are also easily recycled, stack well, and perform superbly in a wide range of temperatures from extreme cold to extreme heat.

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Product Types

Reconditioned Steel Drums

Reconditioned steel drums from ICS are the environmentally friendly, lower-priced alternative to new steel drums. With a much lower carbon footprint than new, reconditioned steel drums reduce your company’s impact on the environment and save you money while safely transporting your products to their destination.

Extremely versatile, reconditioned steel drums are highly customizable and available in a multitude of styles and with options to suit all of your packaging needs:

  • UN and Non-UN-rated
  • Open top and closed top
  • Lined and unlined
  • Various sizes, colors, and closure options
  • Aseptic poly liners for food-grade applications
  • Agitators and side-fittings

New Steel Drums

ICS carries a full complement of newly-manufactured steel drums for those applications and products where only the best will do.   New steel drums offer all the benefits of reconditioned containers, plus superb exterior cosmetics, total uniformity and unparalleled interior cleanliness.

ICS can handle all of your new steel drum needs, including:

  • 10 to 85 gallon sizes
  • Open head and closed head
  • Lined and unlined
  • “W-style” rolling hoops (for export)
  • Composite drums

“Hybrid” Steel Drums

ICS also produces “hybrid” steel drums, which are a combination of reconditioned drum bodies with new covers, rings and closures.  These containers are a high-quality alternative to a reconditioned drum without all the extra expense of newly-manufactured drums.  Give us a call – we can help you decide if this is the right container for your needs!

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